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I find it amusing.  Don't you?  :)

And here I was trying to get stuff done today.  :-[

General Off-Topic Board / LSD Confessional
« on: January 18, 2007, 10:24:07 PM »
I watched the O'Reilly Factor tonight.  I couldn't help it, but still.  :-\

I'm so ashamed.  :-[

General Off-Topic Board / PSA: Dinesh D'Souza is an idiot
« on: January 16, 2007, 09:08:37 PM »
just saying.  >:(

General Off-Topic Board / The Goodnight Thread
« on: January 14, 2007, 09:58:38 PM »
Just thought it would be useful for people to have a place to say when they're leaving.  :)

Goodnight!  :)

Are there any left?  ???

Every time I see one of those Porsche SUV's I roll my eyes.  ::)

General Off-Topic Board / What Famous Leader Are You?
« on: December 18, 2006, 01:06:30 PM »
I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I thought it was kind of funny.  :D  :(

Politics and Law-Related News / Truthiness!
« on: December 09, 2006, 11:31:50 AM »
'Truthiness' is the word of the year

I love Colbert!  :D

We most certainly don't want THAT happening.  ::)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Conservative leaders voiced dismay Wednesday at news that Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of male private part Cheney, is pregnant, while a gay-rights group said the vice president faces "a lifetime of sleepless nights" for serving in an administration that has opposed recognition of same-sex couples.

General Off-Topic Board / Is a Tornado Watch a good reason to skip the gym?
« on: December 01, 2006, 03:30:31 PM »
I should go.  On the other hand the wind is really howling outside and there's this thing on the weather channel.  Should I wuss out or should I go?  ???

Keep in mind, the gym is about 3 blocks from where I live.  :-[

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