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Online Law Schools / Can I practice in IL if I go to Concord?
« on: April 08, 2005, 04:20:41 PM »
I was a little confused with the Concord site.  They say that you will be able to take the bar in California, but can I also take the bar in IL?  There was also some discrepency that you need to practice in California for a certain amount of time before you can practice anywhere else.  I may have my facts mixed up, but if anyone knows about htis can you please expalin what the deal is?

Law School Admissions / women in law
« on: June 09, 2004, 08:03:02 AM »
Hey guys,

I am applying to law school next year after retaking the LSAT in October (150 for my 1st time).  My concern is about my future as a lawyer.  I will have to take out 100-120k in loans to finance my education.  Then, when I come out I will work full time for a year and then start a family.  At that time, I plan on working part time until my kids are in school.  That means that I will not be makin serious money (100k) that will pay back my loans until my mid-thirties.  If I do not go to law school, I will start working in marketing/advertising in two years without any loans, and will start making money. 

My concern is whether lawyers can work part time and how much can they make?  Also, if I work part time for 5-7 years, can I then return full time with enough credibility as a good lawyer?  If anyone has been in this situation or gone through it, please share your experience.  By the way, my husband is going to be a doctor, so when he finishes medical school I will need to focus on our family more because of his hectic schedule. 

Any advice is much appreciated...Thanks!

From what you guys are saying, you all that I no longer have a chance at law school.  However, I took your advice and called some law schools and my state bar.  They both said that as long as I fully disclose what I did, it should not be a problem.  So, I don't who to believe.  Do you guys have any actual accounts of applicants, or are you all speculating??


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