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Hey guys first time poster here. I have a question about applying to law school with a degree in science.
I am currently an entering junior and the University of Tennessee and I am pursuing a degree in molecular Biology. I was pretty interested in Medicine until I heard about Patent law and other combinations of science and law. I was wondering what my chances were of getting accepted into a law school with such a differing background.
Here are a few notable factors:
I currently have a gpa of 3.05 but I have alot of courses left and hope to bump it to around a 3.3-3.4.
I recently took a practice LSAT with Kaplan and scored a 175. Does this make me competitive?
I have a little over a year of research experience in my field, as well as volunteer/work experience as well.

I would really like to go to the University of Tennessee Law at Knoxville. It's my home and I like it here.

Any input would be great. Thanks!

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