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Pursuing an LLM / Getting ABA after the bar.
« on: June 25, 2012, 03:58:52 AM »

I graduated from a non-ABA California law school, passed the bar exam, got sworn in, etc.

My question now is, how do I get ABA accreditation???

I don't want to repeat 3 years of law school, so I'm wondering if I can get an LLM from an ABA school that will give me all the rights and privileges afforded to ABA JDs. Would the LLM need to be in a specific major? I read somewhere that most states just require that the applicant have 26 ABA-Accredited credits in bar exam subjects. Could I complete an LLM designed for foreign lawyers? Or, would it be possible for me to get an LLM that is specialized (i.e. tax or business law).

I'm not planning on practicing law. So, this is more of a career move than a professional (law practice) move. I'm planning on starting work by the end of this year, so something I could do part time would be preferable (like Professional (summer school), online (I've sort-of had enough of online), or evenings) I would also prefer the best brand name I could get.

Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, sorry for any typos, I'm writing this at 3:50 in the morning.

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