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I saw someone submmit a picture called rage comic (actually there isn't rage guy in it but he use the tool which helps to make rage comic), and it's consisted of only four snapshot pictures from Inception(i hope you all know this film) with short funny dialogues added by the anonymous.

I think it has infringed on the film(Inception), though the anonymous have not got profit from it.

what do you think?

Black Law Students / Adidas and three stripes trademark
« on: November 10, 2012, 07:59:25 AM »
Does anyone know some cases about any company or anyone protesting for the registering of the famous trademark 3-stripes(you can find it almost on every product of ADIDAS) ?

by the way I don't mean the infringements happen after the trademark have get rights over 3-stripes.

thanks a lot!

seriously, law school students have time to watch leagal series like Boston Leagal?

may I know how many of you like learn about law stuff in this way??


Hello everyone!

I'm wirriting a paper on should government astrict constitutional basic rights when there is a big activity( for example, London will hold the Olympic games next year) ?

So I  hope I could discuss this issue with you here.

I have finished my paper=] so here is my opinion:
1.In China , there are 8 million people are marked to be high-risck people by the police and they had to leave to another city (not been forced to ) because some of them are afraid of being arrested.
2.the government think they have not done anything which is compellent to make them leave so it doesn't have responsibility.
1. Do the police have the right to define high-risk people ?
2.Defining who belongs to high-risk people and form a threaten to them is the only way to make sure the security of public activity like the Olympics?
I used the constitutional principle of reservation and  the principle of proportionality  to explain my opinion. any other opinions?

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