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Hi, I'm sorry for my ignorance, but I'm trying to figure out exactly what states these two rulings apply to.

The 6th circuit court of appeals ruling was issued first, and found the individual mandate constitutional.
The 11th circuit opinion was just issued and found it unconstitutional.

Plaintiffs in 6th circuit case were: THOMAS MORE LAW CENTER; JANN

Plaintiffs in 11th circuit case included 26 states, including for instance Michigan which is in the 6th circuit.

Does the 6th circuit case only apply to states of the 6th circuit, and the 11th circuit case apply to all states that sued?   
What if in the 11th circuit case, one of the states in its circuit had not joined the suit.  Would the ruling still apply to it?
Also, since a state like Michigan is in the 6th circuit and that appeals court had already ruled the opposite, what effect
does the new 11th circuit decision have on such a state?

Finally, what can I read so I can get a thorough understanding of these types of jurisdictional issues and what rulings apply to what
states when a federal law is being challenged, when states are suing, etc?

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