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Transferring / Stay at DePaul as #1 in class or move to Northwestern?
« on: July 01, 2010, 01:43:13 PM »
Just finished a very successful 1L at DePaul.  I have a scholarship, won 2 CALI awards in legal writing, made Law Review, and most importantly still have a 4.0/4.0, which should rank me at the top of the class (or at least tied for #1).  I really like it at DePaul and honestly have no interest in leaving.  However, the current state of the job market has people pushing me to transfer. 

That being said, I only applied to Northwestern, where I was waitlisted and know a professor there who said he would make a phone call to the head of admissions.  Adding to that, I qualify as a minority (Puerto Rican), so my chances are good.

Assuming I get in though, I still don't know if it is the right move.  The only reasons I have for transferring are (1) job prospects and (2) prestige.  Honestly, I don't know if being an "anybody" at NU gives me such vastly improved jobs prospects and prestige than being #1 at DePaul, at least as to warrant the ENORMOUS difference in cost.

Any thoughts?  Is the added 70+K in loans really worth it?  Should even the top student at a "lesser institution" fear being employed after 3 years in this market? (I should note that I plan on staying in Chicago)

Thanks for any advice or comments.  This decision has been driving me crazy for the past two weeks...

I'll be working this summer as a research asst for my Crim Law prof.  Seeing as that won't take up all of my time, should I be dead set on supplementing that with other legal work?  To be honest with you, I have no interest in taking on other work this summer beyond that (at least work that doesn't pay or particularly interest me), but my fear is that future employers might see it as a cop out since most research asst jobs are part-time. 

In short, is there any reason to take on part-time work this summer other than to supplement my income?

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