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I was reading alot of these posts, and I am not here to promote any particular bookstore but all theses post can be answered in this 1 book------It has every Non ABA JD, tons of brand new ABA Online LLM programs from many schools, overseas online LLB's and LLM's, and talks about each bar exam with a non aba jd, and the DC bar process and how DC accepts LLM credits for their 26 credit requirement.  Wash DC Bar will take any Non ABA jd Degree as long as you have 26 bar subject credits.  With all these new aba online programs, its quite possible to gain the 26 credits online if you look around, but many in person LLm programs offer JD electives, so if you were to go to a school like Novus where you can complete your JD program in 2 years, you can take a 1 year in person LLM(and many schools accept Non aba jd degrees into their LLms), you can sit for the DC bar.  The book states LLm credits are acceptable for dc as long as they are bar subjects, but I called the DC bar anyway and spoke to the director.  HE verified that DC accepts LLM credits along with Non aba jd degrees.  Anyway, I would say to check out the book at that bookstore if some of you are really stuck with alot of these questions.  I picked my school, already have my aba school online llm lined up, and know my route, instead of spending hourse searching on google and waiting for replies on message boards. 

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