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Job Search / Maneuvering OCI with a 2.97
« on: August 08, 2007, 05:45:54 AM »
I attend a T14 school and things started out well enough first semester - 3.24, but second semester I took a dive and my gpa is a 2.97 (3 B-'s and 2 B's). GPA non withstanding my resume is really good, I made moot court, went to an Ivy for undergrad, and I got a NY firm job for my 1L summer (they gave me an offer at the end).

OCI is quickly approaching and I managed to get 18 screening interviews for NYC - mostly the Vault top 20, throwing in Paul Hastings and firms around their ranking slot.

Is there any chance of getting callbacks at the Big Firms like Cravath, Sullivan etc.? How should I go about explaining my grade drop? (Not for lack of studying or cockiness etc.) I have a connection at Weil and Cadwalader but am fearful even they won't be able to help me with a 2.97. Any words of wisdom? Thoughts?

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