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Online Law Schools / Question about career plan
« on: May 09, 2006, 06:22:36 AM »
I realize that is this going to get me flamed (and having lurked on here for a time, I can even speculate who will do the flaming  ::)) but I really want input on this question.

I have worked for state government for fourteen years.  I have a Masters degree in my field, and have risen steadily during my employment.

My employer is interested in sending me to law school.  As we have no attorneys on staff, I currently assist with as much of our legal work as possible without engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

The only local option for a night law school is located about 1.5 hours away from my home – a three hour round trip.  Because of this we are investigating an online law school – William Howard Taft, specifically.  I know they are accredited (though not ABA) and this is what allows my employer to pay tuition, they cannot fund non-accredited school tuition.

In this state, admission to the bar is governed by the Supreme Court Rules.  They state:

“Every attorney not a member of the Bar of this state who performs legal services in this state solely for his/her employer, its parent, subsidiary, or affiliated entities, shall file with the Clerk of the Supreme Court on a form provided, an application for limited admission to practice law in this state.  Such application shall be approved and a limited admission to practice law shall be granted.”

As I will be practicing law solely for my employer (the state) this is the rule I would fall under.

My question is:  can anyone think of any reason that this is not a practical plan?  I realize that this would severely limit my employment opportunities, but I intend to stay with the state until retirement.  I love my job, and I make reasonable money (I’m happy with it, at any rate). Any comments on Taft?

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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