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Online Law Schools / Starting again
« on: May 08, 2005, 08:13:44 AM »

I am returning to law school via the internet to finish what I started 15 years ago. I live in CT and went to an ABA approved school for about 2 years.  I became ill, and had to take a leave of absence.  Because there was a time frame that I was required to finish my studies in, all my credits are useless here.

I took the admissions test for Concord as a fluke and scored 100%, so I decided to go for it.  I decided to choose NWCU because it was the cheapest.  I contacted the CT bar and they said I couldn't sit for it if I went to any correspondence school, even if I got a LLM from an ABA school.

I am glad I found a site to talk with others as they navigate through this new frontier.


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