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Online Law Schools / Re: Anybody thinking about Taft?
« on: August 18, 2016, 09:26:16 PM »
Anyone considering Taft? ... I am not interested in being a lawyer but I have always wanted to study law. I

Over 20 years plus Taft has a good track record of graduates actually passing the state bar.  However since you say you do not want to be an attorney, might I suggest an accredited Masters in Legal Studies from Kaplan or other regionally accredited online provider.  It will be quicker and cheaper. If you still want a JD, then Concord is a good one because it is the only one regionally accredited and has more bells and whistles for its students.  Regionally accredited means that degree is accepted as a real graduate degree by other universities while the other law school's programs may or may not be.

I have a Masters in Law & Public Policy.  I was searching for a ph.d. In some law discipline but was unsuccessful. 

Online Law Schools / Anybody thinking about Taft?
« on: August 12, 2016, 11:02:10 PM »
Anyone considering Taft?  I was looking at American International School of Law. Their website seems outdated but I talked to the CEO and they still seem to be in business and have an active account with the CA Secretary of State.  It's tuition is cheap. 

I am not interested in being a lawyer but I have always wanted to study law. I'm an older person (50) so there is no big career if I finish studying at an online school. I do not live in CA but I am from there and may move back next summer once my daughter goes off to college n

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