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My last post was largely about transferring, on reread I see you want to dropout and then reapply.
Did you try BEFORE going to that school? Imagine that uphill battle PLUS explaining WHY you DROPPED OUT.
Seems doable but stupid to me. I feel a huge case of the "I am going to get bad grades but it is THEIR fault because THEY are stupid (not me never me)......."
Maybe you should just quit and stay quit kid.

Yeah, but no. 1) I'm part-time; 2) I have a B average so far, and the material is not hardly the problem. That being said, with respect, your assumption that this is about possible poor grades is wholly incorrect. I just genuinely hate it here.


Flamers: buzz off.

I am a 1L at a toilet of a provisionally accredited law school. I got a 50% scholarship to ease the sting. Still, I am uber close to just withdrawing before we get too much further into the semester and trying my luck elsewhere. I don't know what kind of applicant that would make me at the next school, though. That is, would I be a transfer student or applying as a new student, since I didn't get any grades here where I am now???? Is it event possible? I mean, are there schools that admit students who dropped out first semester of 1L before any grades were issued?

Before you say just stay: I can't take it. The environment here is for the birds. I have tried. I am days away from pulling the plug on this little adventure, I only want to know what my options are if I go through with it.

Thanks in advance for the kindhearted lot of you who give feedback.   8)

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