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Transferring / Please Help!
« on: November 14, 2013, 07:00:07 PM »
Last year I attended an ABA Accredited Law School. At the end of the year I was notified I was being dismissed for Academic Deficiency. My poorer grades coupled with what I believe are the school's violations of several ABA Standards that led to my dismissal, put me in this predicament. I refuse to wait for the 2 year matriculation period as required by the ABA until I can apply to another law school. I plan now to apply to a Non-ABA Accredited Law School. Do you think the Non-ABA Accredited Law School will take my credits from my first year of completed work? Further, will I be able to attend the Non-ABA Accredited Law School and then transfer to another ABA Accredited Law School next Fall?

So basically I want to go ABA Accredited School ->  Non-ABA Accredited School ->  ABA Accredited School....all in an attempt to screw the system and get my law career started ASAP.


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