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I have been in contact with Taft admissions for the last couple of days. Their telecommunications programs offers one e-classroom meeting a month in which students get to ask questions about any of the subjects being taught. The rest of the learning apparently happens through video and audio lectures. They use moodle as their platform and end of the year testing happens at a location near the student. Given this format I am surprised that Taft graduates have been able to achieve a relatively high bar passage rate. According to Taft's site, their cumulative passage rate is about 70 percent which sounds kind of high in comparison to ABA approved schools like Western, Golden Gate, Chapman and Thomas Jefferson.

I really need to make a decision between Taft and ALU because I want to start in January.

I just thought I'd post that info in case others were wondering.


I did some digging into bar passage rates for the three schools that I am considering. What I did was to go over the California bar exam passage rates for the last ten years and calculate the overall results. This is what I found:

Overall passage rates (first time and repeaters):
Taft: 72%
ALU: 37%
Concord: 50% (first students to take exam was in 2003)

Per these results I am seriously considering Taft as my first choice. My only concern in the method of instruction as Taft's website is very technologically poor, almost outdated. But with these kind of bar passage numbers, who cares right? What do you all think?

Online Law Schools / Taft Law School Telecommunications Courses Question
« on: December 11, 2011, 01:24:04 PM »
Hello everyone,

I had posted some time ago as I was preparing to apply to Concord. I ended up not enrolling in Concord as I had intended (for reasons I will not go into here). I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with Taft Law School and the type of technology (software) they use for their online (telecommunication) courses.  I have done some extensive research and found that Taft has a very high bar passage rate compared to ALU and Concord. However, by looking at their website, well, it looks kind of bare bones. It just has the appearance of a very low tech website so I am concerned about the method of instruction. For example, Concord has a more attractive website and they actually offer a Law School Fundamentals course for prospective students to see how the instruction method would look like. Similarly, ALU offers sample lectures that allow prospective students to experience actual courses. Does anybody here know what Taft uses as far as software and technology for their courses? I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback.

Thank you.

Online Law Schools / Please post your experience with Concord Law School
« on: November 03, 2010, 12:59:42 PM »
I will be attending Concord hopefully next year. I am interested in hearing experiences people have had with this school. Anybody currently enrolled? Please post. Thank you!

Online Law Schools / Re: Concord Law School Solo Immigration Practice?
« on: October 30, 2010, 02:38:26 PM »
Thanks again for all of your feedback. I live closer to the Salinas Valley than Fresno and the nearest CBA school to my location is Monterey College of Law (MCL) which about 45 minutes away. According to the Cal Bar statistics MCL has a bar passage rate of about 35 percent which is lower than Concord's, which according to my own figures its at about 40 percent. Concord claims on its website (under school metrics) that its overall passage rate its 51 percent. At this point, after doing more research and reading people's responses to other posts, I think I will stick with Concord.

I really need to focus now on my approach to financing this venture. I will contact Concord to check on the options they offer. Anyone have experience financing an online law education? Please share if you do!

PS. Thanks for the reading recommendations. BikePilot congratulations on passing the bar! Where did you go to school if you mind me asking and was it on you first try?

Happy and safe Halloween to you all!

Online Law Schools / Re: Concord Law School Solo Immigration Practice?
« on: October 28, 2010, 09:54:52 PM »
Thank you guys for your input. Yes, I am definitely motivated to work hard to achieve my goal. Unfortunately, I simply can't afford to not be working so this route (online) is definitely a blessing. I tend to learn better on my own and really never did well with study groups. For my undergrad I majored in Political Science and Latin American studies after many years out of high school. As I read almost everything I could get my hands on about poli sci and Latin American culture, society and politics before I went into college, the two years I did at UC were a walk in the park. While I understand that the study of law is completely different on so MANY levels, I feel that if I immerse myself completely in my studies I can do well with a distance learning format.

Affordability is definitely key and Concord's tuition is kind of steep. I will do more research on the other online schools to see whether I stick with Concord or not. California Southern University is affordable but I haven't heard anything about this school. Anyone know anything about it?

PS. Any recommendations on books to read before enrolling in law school?

I've been looking around at online law schools in California and there seems to be a fair amount of information about ALU, Concord, Taft and NWU but almost nothing about CSU. Anybody have any experience with this school? Their tuition is very affordable and its one of the most attractive things about it. Since I would like to establish a immigration solo practice targeted mainly at family petitions, the type of school I attend will most certainly not matter as long as I pass the bar exam. If anyone out there is attending or planning to attend this school, please share your experience. Thank you.

Online Law Schools / Concord Law School Solo Immigration Practice?
« on: October 27, 2010, 08:22:41 PM »
Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I would love to get some feedback about an idea that I've had bouncing in my head for quite some time. I've been working full-time as a paralegal with two immigration attorneys in a small, sunny Central California town. At 33 it would be very difficult to return to school as a full time student due to family responsibilities. Quitting my job and going to law school full time is definitely out of the question, so I have been looking into online schools.

My plan is to attend Concord Law School and establishing my own solo practice in a predominantly immigrant city in central California. My current bosses make more than a decent living so I know that there's definitely a huge demand for immigration legal services. Our clients are mainly working class Latino immigrants filing family petitions and I have never heard anybody ask my bosses where they went to school. The point is that I am not interested in working in a big law firm or practicing outside California (I have lived here 2/3 of my life).

My main concern is the bar passage rates for Concord and online law schools in general. I am planning to cut back my work hours during the first year to allow myself to absorb and process the material. I must admit though that I am frightened of failing the bar exam and I don't know what I would do if I failed. On the other hand, if I make it, I would be able to practice and do what my current bosses do for a third of the price (They both went to UC Davis).

So what do you guys think? Is it doable or I'm I dreaming? I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank you.


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