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If you are in your first year or two of undergraduate school, you may be wondering what you should know before applying to law school to increase your chances of being accepted.  Here are ten things you can do to make yourself a stronger candidate.

1. Know what major you want and excel in studying it.  Law schools are not interested whether you pursue a law-related undergraduate major or not.  What they are looking for is dedication in the area of study you choose.  A double major with several minors will not necessarily help you.

2. Know how to build and maintain a first-rate GPA.  Your first two years of college will set you up for a successful GPA for the next years of your higher education.

3. Know the importance of leadership roles.  Now is the time to become active in your community and take on leadership positions in extracurricular activities.  Pick several to pursue and be willing to provide service with no pay so you can claim volunteer work.

4. Have competence in a wide range of classes.  Anything that will build your writing, research and analytical skills will be beneficial when the time comes to apply to the top law schools.

5. Know about law.  Even if your degree is not law-related, take a few courses as your electives.  This will prepare you with a foundation of skills and help you grasp if a study of law is really for you.

6. Know your faculty members.  Their letters of recommendation could have a huge impact on whether you are accepted to the top law schools in the country or not.

7. Know people who work in a legal profession.  They will have the ability to give you sound advice on the application process and what the top law schools are really like.

8. Have an internship under your belt.  By working in a real legal environment, you can gain hands-on experience and truly determine if law is the right work for you.

9. Know what you can do with your degree.  Research job titles and their given descriptions.  There is quite a range of job options for you, so decide which specific track you want to pursue.

10. Know that applications committees and potential employers can view your social networking profiles.  Keep information about yourself unobjectionable to make a good impression and prevent any question of your character.

By bearing in mind the importance of these ten considerations, you will be better prepared to apply for admission into the top law schools.

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