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how is everyone, that is planning to retake, planning to study? 

what do you do when you've gone through all the practice tests?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: ***Official OMG Should I Retake?? Thread
« on: July 05, 2008, 04:01:37 PM »
so.. omg should i retake??

throughout may my practice tests didn't dip below 170 but i ended up getting a 165.  i ran out of time for RC and ended up guessing on the first five questions, which i got right, but i missed a bunch in the last passage since i was rushing, for a total of seven wrong.  for LR I missed eight.  i felt pretty distracted because i was sitting near the door and one of the proctors kept leaving and coming back in, she did this at least six times.  there was a lady outside the door waving her over at times too.  i should have filed a test center complaint but i was hoping for a miracle or something, dumb.

my gpa is pretty low, around 3.4, so i feel a lot is riding on this score.  i'm disappointed with my score, so i want to retake, but i've already gone through all of the released tests.    since i self-studied first time around, will a prep course help me?  i was thinking testmasters or powerscore. 

i don't know.  there are just so many thoughts running through my head.  everyone around me is telling me i got a good score, but i feel like i could have done better.  if i take the prep course i have to pay for it myself, my parents are 'happy' with my score, but that's something else.  does anyone have good things to say about testmasters?

Hey Forum,

Congrats to those of you who got through the June 2008 exam today.  I plan on taking the LSAT in October 2008.  I'm wondering which testing center to sign up for.  Any thoughts on the best/worst testing centers in Orange County, CA or Manhattan would be much appreciated.


for orange county, I do NOT recommend Saddleback college, from personal experience.  i have heard that Whittier is good. 

there's a kaplan test center review site you can try to find.  i didn't find it that helpful though.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: PT 53, S3 - Q 21; S4 - Q 26 (LR/RC)
« on: June 14, 2008, 01:16:11 AM »
Alright for LR, Section 3 Question 21:

Question about moving waste:
The correct answer is C, I chose answer A though I can understand why that's wrong. Looking over the answer choices though I can't understand what makes C stronger than D. Is it out of scope or too general?

RC, Section 4, Question 26

This is a strengthen question and I had narrowed it down between the correct answer and my incorrect answer choice but again looking over the answer choices, I don't understand why (E) strengthens. Is it because if Typhlodromus can handle the same climate as strawberries it means weather won't be a cause of killing them? I'm having trouble in seeing how it strengthens.

Any help would be appreciated

This is how I looked at it, the situation presented in the stimulus is just one instance, it doesn't cover whenever waste is moved, only this case with this particular hazardous waste.  Since you're looking for the answer that is most supported, C fits best.

as for section 4 #26, i think a big part of the question is the stem.  it's asking you about which would strengthen the "practical applicability."  from this i ruled out D first because the passage seems to be about not using pesticides, particularly parathion, so if anything this answer choice weakens. 

C doesn't seem right because whether or not winters or mild or short, the typhlodromus can still subsist on other things, so that wouldn't affect the practical applicability. 

B seems to be about something else, again, the stem is asking about how practical it is to use predatory mites while B talks about insecticides. 

answer choice A is about specific typhlodromus mites, there could be one of these or a bunch of these, the answer choice is too vague about what this would entail, it's difficult to connect how this would change whether or not it is practical to use predatory mites.  assuming this answer choice is true, like we're supposed to, it doesn't necessarily strengthen the author's position.  so some lay more eggs, others may lay less.  i don't know if this is the right way to eliminate answers.

it was difficult for me to see E as offering support but as it was my only option left, i chose it.  anyway, sorry if my explanations are a mess, it was my first time trying to explain my process to someone else.     

Damn... I'm hoping for an experimental LG section, which has only occured ONCE out of my 13 PT's so far.  LG is my best section and barely takes a toll on my endurence.  My personal law of averages says I may just get lucky on Monday.

i hope you're super lucky.

13, 16, 38, and 42 are my best friends.

48 had a tough scale.

i hope so.

i know that my practice tests are practice, so as much as i try to focus or time myself strictly, it's not a 100%.  plus, i'm not a test anxiety type person.

I'm in too... clock's ticking. I got a very high score on the last one (171) but I'm taking it again for fun and to hopefully use it to get off UCLA's wait list. Teaching the LSAT was my prep, but I have 4 days left to get the timing down... unfortunately graduation is this weekend, so my relatives will make sure and take up as much of my time as possible.


i'll be attending ucla graduation festivities instead of studying too.  so really only two more days for prep.  i believe in miracles, so everything should be great.

Studying for the LSAT / Re: LSAT superstitions
« on: June 09, 2008, 07:14:45 PM »

2) I never use the same pencil on more than one test, and always use a fresh pencil to begin each AR section. While this habit is admittedly founded in superstition, it nevertheless has proven to be utilitarian as well (although I am acquiring a large collection of dull pencils in my desk).

I use a freshly sharpened pencil for each section and I use the shortest pencil I have for the AR section.  I like Dixon Ticonderogas, I tried five or so different kinds before I settled on those. 

I think having a solid routine helps, it's less time you spend thinking about those things.  good luck!

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Best Pencils for LSAT
« on: June 06, 2008, 09:49:43 PM »
I use Apple's iPencil. I keep forgetting to turn off the ringtone, though. I hope I don't do that on test day.

and the battery lasts through the whole test?  :)

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