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Current Law Students / Re: Grading Curve Question
« on: November 12, 2005, 12:29:51 AM »


For instance, it's pretty much a well-known fact that many students randomly use, say, 3X30 mg tablets of Adderall everyday during the exam period and 2-3 coke blowns on the day of the exam!

It's coke BLOWS ... not "blowns"!

Depends on the school, the tier of the school, to be correct.

At a typical T1 about 95% of the students that are accepted the first year get their J.D.s  T2s generally have a graduation rate of 85 - 90%. Your average T3 is down to 75 - 80% and T4s graduate even less of their entering class, about 65 - 70%.


Did hi ask about this sort of information in the first place? :)

Incorporate into these stats the bar passage rates and you'll see that many many entering law students do not actually get to practice law, one reason why law schools admit so many students in the first place.

As to entering law students who don't get to practice -- you've also to take into account that many graduates of law schools who pass/are able to pass the bar exam may not practice, they become law professors, for instance, go into business or politics, and so on ...

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