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Online Law Schools / Re: Starting again
« on: May 25, 2005, 08:56:02 AM »
Thank you for all your kind words.

You are right I will always have an uphill battle.  My credentials will always be questioned, and my successes will first be weighed against traditional standards.  I think that in some ways that is a good thing.  I welcome the opportunity to explain why in my case, this route was the only feasible option. 

Because I completed 2 years at UCONN including moot court and many hours of the socratic method, and because I left in good standing, my argument will be that the educational benefit gleaned from residency at an ABA was equivelent in my case.  My LSAT's were good and I had the prerequisites to get into a tier one school, and did.  Passing the bar should prove that I retained the information, inspite of the 8 year rule.  The final hurdle will be to then extend the ruling which I believe is no more than 12 credits online to 20, which I think could be argued as an ADA accommodtaion, but we will see how kind the Gods are at that time.

I decided to go with Northwestern not Concord, because they are cheapest and in my estimation  a non ABA school is a non ABA school no mstter how nicely the website is packaged.

Ultimately I will sink or swim based on my own efforts.

Thank you again.

Please keep in touch.


Online Law Schools / Re: Starting again
« on: May 24, 2005, 04:51:29 PM »
Actually, carrying around my oxygen would not prevent me from going to law school, it is portable.  I often have a PICC line inserted which provides me with IV medications that help me to exist outside a hospital setting.  I am not worried about appearances, I have lived long enough to be comfortable within my limitations.

What has stopped me from returning to my ABA law school is 1) the 8 year rule that does not recognize my credits any longer (the medication and portable oxygen was not available years ago, medical research has surpassed current laws so I would have to begin again) and 2)My illness does not always succomb to treatments that allow me to stay well while home. 

Currently I am writing this from a hospital bed.  In a few days or weeks I will be released, but multiply that several times a year and the ability to benefit from a program one can't attend diminishes.  In addition, as you might imagine, having deficient lungs does not provide for proper immune function, and a cold or flu could wipe me out.

I am writing this to illustrate that not all fact patterns are as neat as the ones on paper.  Circumstances occur that may be insurmountable by traditional standards. 

At 45 years old to begin again, so that I be viewed by fellow ABA grads as an equal peer, would be too great a physical risk me. 

I appreciate the dialogue, and I believe that ultimately, someone reviewing my educational history would recognize my accomplishments inspite of my limitations.  It is my hope that people in my circumstance will be allowed a waiver for the 8 year rule, and alternative educational and learning settings would be implemented under ADA.

Thank you


Online Law Schools / Re: Can I practice in IL if I go to Concord?
« on: May 21, 2005, 06:41:08 AM »

I belive you have to check the state you want to practice in.  Getting an LLM from an ABA school is not acceptable in CT, without a review of your ABA school school degree.

There are some lists out there that show which states allow that.

If anyone finds any new info, I would love to know.


Online Law Schools / Re: Starting again
« on: May 18, 2005, 04:58:52 PM »
I hope this helps to clarify my position and thinking.

I took a leave of absence at my ABA law school for medical reasons.  I have a lung disease which is rare, incurable, and as you might imagine the focus in my life changed considerably at that time.

The advocacy skills I learned helped me to access medications and therapies not yet approved.

New treatments helped extend my life and expand my focus again, unfortunately 10 years have passed since I first started law school.  The eight year rule applies here in CT, and my only option would be to begin again. 

Because my disease is chronic, I can not predict when I will require oxygen and be hospitalized, nor when I will be symptom free and as "normal" presenting as a non-disabled student. The playing field for those who are disabled has not been leveled yet.  I hope those of you reading this who become attorney's with the power to change laws keep that in mind.

I currently assist parents of children with special needs and/or disabilities to obtain appropriate educational services for their children.  Under the new federal IDEIA laws an attorney can not represent a family at a PPT meeting or resolution meeting.  Practicing in CT would hinder my ability to resolve disputes.

My desire to finish law school is a direct result of my refusal to allow an illness to define what I can do.  Ilness is the great equalizer...everyone is vulnerable...even those at ABA Law Schools.


Online Law Schools / Starting again
« on: May 08, 2005, 08:13:44 AM »

I am returning to law school via the internet to finish what I started 15 years ago. I live in CT and went to an ABA approved school for about 2 years.  I became ill, and had to take a leave of absence.  Because there was a time frame that I was required to finish my studies in, all my credits are useless here.

I took the admissions test for Concord as a fluke and scored 100%, so I decided to go for it.  I decided to choose NWCU because it was the cheapest.  I contacted the CT bar and they said I couldn't sit for it if I went to any correspondence school, even if I got a LLM from an ABA school.

I am glad I found a site to talk with others as they navigate through this new frontier.


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