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I need your help. Im trying to compare Abraham Lincoln, Concord, and NWCU and compare them.. Please help. (also is taft even in the league?)

Can anyone post an indepth experience to summarize how each school
operates for all to review on a week's basis. I realize we had that
woman name Karen do it for NWCU but then she dropped off. But I mean

Watch Tape <Lecture was boring/able to watch/fell asleep during
it/studied without lecture> <Amount of Time>
Study material <standard, how much time>
Discussion Section via Online Chat. <same/different prof> <was/wasn't
helpful> <How much time>
Homework <How much time, how hard>
Grades fair/curved/hard

Total time spent = 10 hours?

Also what are people experience when dealing with employers and
saying NWCU, ALU, or Concord.


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