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How to succeed in lawschool and stay on top of your class.

I am a law school grad who passed bar recently. 

In order to succeed in law school, you must have a really good outline to study and follow IRAC (Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conc.)

I am not here to help you how to follow IRAC, but here to tell you how to get a good outline for each class.  Especially for L1's, it can be challenging to make a good outline without knowing what to expect on their first exam.

I have prepared my outlines that I used to study for each class and pass the bar.  I have a free sample outline for you to look at.  Each outline (Civil Pro, Crim Pro, Crim Law, Contracts, constitutional Law, Community Property, Corporations, Evidence, Property, Professional Responsibility, Remedies, Torts, Trusts, and Wills) will have very detailed BARBRI Lecture notes and SHORT MUST KNOW FOR EXAM OUTLINE.  Each outline is priced at $9.99.  But before purchasing any outline, please review your sample outline to see if you like it.  I have received B+ or better in each class with outlines.  Most of them being in A category. 

If you want to succeed in law school, have a great outline to study to ACE your exam.

Stay on top of your class.

Good Luck and contact me for your free outline

[email protected]


First Year Package: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Contracts(also called sales), and Torts for $35.

Bar Exam Taking Package:  All 14 Bar Subjects for $70.