Law School Discussion

Useful Sites

First-Stop Resources

How to Apply to Law School

An overall introduction to the application process and more.

Law School Admissions Council

A must visit for anyone interested in applying to law school. The LSAC offers official LSAT registration and resources as well as information about the Law School Data Assembly Service, Law School Applications, and the official guide to law schools.

Links to ABA accredited law schools

Just a list of all the ABA accredited schools, with links to their websites.

Admissions Chances

LSAC Calculator

Provides admissions chances based on statistics from the previous year.

Law School Numbers

A community database of current admission statistics. More current than the LSAC site.

Law School Rankings

Brian Leiter's Law School Rankings

Rankings based on faculty quality, student quality, and job placement

US News & World Report

Still considered the authority by the masses (though not necessarily by students, faculty, lawyers, or judges), US News offers their yearly rankings by running survey results through their rather subjective algorithm.

Application Consultation


Have your law school essay edited by a Harvard-educated editor! Called "the world's premier application essay editing service" by the New York Times and "one of the best essay services on the Internet" by the Washington Post.

Admission Essays

A paid service that will write a model essay based on the information you provide. There is also a critique service available.

Harvard Reviewed

An editing service for personal statements staffed by graduates of Harvard Law School.

Top Test Prep

General Information


Law school news and links to a plethora of law school resources. An excellent starting point to explore the law school resources of the web.

Law School Preparation Courses

Law Boost

An online course teaching legal writing in preparation for law school.

Law Preview

A one-week preview course to help prepare students for their first year of law school. Courses are offered in several key cities during the summer.

Other useful sites


Legal apparel for the first day of class.

Top Law Schools

Law school profiles, consolidated law school rankings, and interviews with Deans of law schools.


Two Bar Exams?

The founder of Law School Discussion explains why he's happy that he took two bar exams.

Student Resources


Non-profit online legal training/lessons. Requires a login from your law school.

Audio Case Files

Recordings of case opinions and arguments.

Law School Books

Barrister Books

A specialized legal book retailer.

News and Information

News articles and resources for law students.

Find Law

A directory of legal resources on the web; the Yahoo of legal links.

Employment Information

Vault top 100

An excellent overview of the 100 "most prestigious" US law firms. Inlcudes information about associate salaries, hours, quality of life, and more.


A subscription service that aggregates job listings from other job posting sites, law firm websites, and legal publications.

Law Jobs employment section.

Study Breaks

Legal humor for law students and attorneys (McClurg's Legal Humor Headquarters)

A clever site devoted to law school humor. Professor McClurg avoids the "How many lawyers..." jokes and opts instead for true legal comedy. Find funny court opinions, true stories of law school blunder, and wierd legal news.

The Bar

American Bar Association

BarBri Bar Review

A popular Bar Exam review course.