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Hello everyone,

Not sure when someone last posted, but I thought I would add to the discussion. I am Palestinian, and currently in Palestine taking classes at Birzeit Uni. I graduated from an American university, but went to high school here. I'm not sure if I should select URM, however I have had financial instability my entire life and consider myself to be a minority. I will definitely select other as my "race", and clarify that I am a Palestinian Arab woman.
I also considered not discussing my Arab heritage and the trials and tribulations i've face as an Arab post-911, but realized that my identity will not change when I'm in law school, and that embracing it and making it public is really one of the most important aspects of character I have to defend myself. So, in short, I think we should all discuss our history and backgrounds and how we got to the idea of going to law school. What can we gain and give to the law profession as Arabs, and minorities in America, is a large factor of my personal statement.
Just some input, am eager to hear more comments...

Hey everyone! Half Lebanese/part native american and mexican here.....just wanted to say hello.

And MetsFan- You are differently ARAB. Seriously it's an insult to say your Lebanese and not Arab? What is that all about. Saying your from Ancient Phonecia is like an Iraqi saying their Mesopotamian? Kind of sad if someone is Arab and ashamed of it....

As for everyone writing about being a URM and arab.... this is not the case at all. I did a lot of research on the subject and being arab is considered caucasian under all accounts. Not only are you not a minority, but you are also nowhere near underrepresented. This is unfortunate, especially since post 9-11 most arabs go through more hardships based on race than most other people could handle. Regardless, you are in no position to benefit off that status. Your best chance is to use any hardships you encountered in a personal statement (told to me by an admissions advisor at Notre Dame and U of M).


I am an Arab-American junior political science major, I am looking at different law schools currently. I was wondering if any of you had advice on law schools that have an Arab population or an Arab community in the area.



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