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Any Arabs here on LSD? If so, what's good and where do you plan to attend?
Best of luck,

Are there any?

Fadel Ali:

I just registered
I don't know where to apply yet. I'm taking June LSAT. The score will decide where to apply

wa aleikum salaam,

If you need any help or advice along the way, feel free to ask.
I'm going through the application process right now as you can see.

It seems we have the same name. Awesome.
Take care man,

Fadel Ali:
Thanks for your willing to help.
I copied my post in other forum. It would be great to get your inputs about my case.


I am international student from Arabic country, Saudi Arabia. My dad is Saudi while my mom is Iraqi and my uncles are still in Iraq. I also belong to a minority group in my country.

My undergrad GPA is 3 sharp; my school, KFUPM, is the only school in the country where the language of instruction is English and uses 4.0 point scale since it was established around 50 years ago by American Oil Company. Right now, it is considered the hardest and toughest school in the country. So, UGPA of 3 is considered really good score and it is relatively easy for me to get a decent job there.

I am currently pursing my MBA in the US but not in one of top schools, but also not in easy one. My current GPA is 3.18 and I believe I can raise it to around 3.25. Further, I have two years of working experience as computer developer, i.e., programmer, before I started my MBA. I have not taken the LSAT yet. I took a practice one with no preperation and scored 145. I am planning to take the test in June and I believe I can score around 162.

What are my chances to get admission to a good law school? Is there a chance to get into a T20 school? What LSAT score would give me a better chance to get into T20 school?


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