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Me think I've been in the wrong groups

Me think I've been in the wrong groups
« on: December 24, 2007, 10:07:10 AM »
I now have a score - 158.

I'm also a URM and non-trad. My concerns are keeping my debt load down, not so much the cache of an ivy degree. I have a 3.0ish, about ten years or so work experience - corporate training, insurance agent, published author - and some solid recs.

I am also taking law school as an opportunity to go to a new city. The pacific NW and south east appeal to me. I have NC residency. It is quite necessry that I keep my tuition within stafford limits. I have NO interest in private loans!!!  I'm leaning towards labor law, ADR and government work maybe?

I am considering Seattle, U of Oregon, Carolina, UALR (I hear their out of state packages are great and they have housing).

Any other suggestions?

Re: Me think I've been in the wrong groups
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2007, 07:40:52 PM »

I'm in a similar situation...out of school for nearly a decade, MBA and masters degrees, debt from those and undergrad, and very interested in staying below the maximum federal limits.

Well, if you get good aid packages, you have nothing to worry about. If not, I'd explore lower-priced publics that would consider granting you in-state tuition rates off the bat. I would imagine you could get a good deal in NC, no?

Switching gears...

Labor law and dispute resolution...nice! That's my interest also. I'm headed to Rutgers-Newark for a joint program in the School of Management and Labor Relations. Have you considered a joint JD/masters program at a labor institute? Some options I can think of off the top of my head include:

Cornell: JD/Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (School of ILR)
Ohio State: JD/Master of Labor and Human Resources (Fisher School of Business)
Minnesota: JD/Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations (IRC of the Carlson Business School)

and of course...

Rutgers: JD/Master of Labor and Employee Relations (SMLR)  ;D

Best of luck whatever you decide.