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Rod Treweek:
I am a prospective Law student in California (California resident) looking for admissions information, statistics, personal experiences with, etc. of all the public law shools in California. I am specifically interested in the "student profile" information to gain admittance (I graduated with a 2.92 and have been scoring in the mid 160's on lsat practice tests taken under simulated conditions). I am also curious as to whether there is any distinct advantage to being a resident as far as getting accepted to the public law schools in California. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Go to and check the info there (on the left).

I am certain that it helps to be in-state.  All public law schools, even top schools, have to accept a certain amount of in-state admits, and they will tend to have somewhat lower numbers (because the pool is simply smaller).

there is also Leither, or something like that and oh plus these two valuable research tools.


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