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Looking for ANY preps for June test!

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I have a couple of practice tests I bought from LSAC.  They are the more recent ones that you buy individually.  I could let you have them for half price plus actual mailing cost.  They are completely unmarked.  When I used them for my practice tests I used scrap paper.

--- Quote from: ajlynnette on March 17, 2004, 09:01:27 PM ---hello!

if anybody has any kind of decent test prep materials that could help in spot learning - i.e. all analytical, all games, etc - along w/some full length tests, i'd be more than happy to negotiate a selling price for them! please let me know.

thanks so much in advance!

aj :)

p.s. what are some good ones besides kaplan?

--- End quote ---

grube, you'd be willin' to do that for me?? thanks so much!! ;D could you send me a msg and we'll work out details? thanks so much!

and karen, i'll be sure and look for other books on

thanks everybody! ;D



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