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Can Graduate School Hurt

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Re: Can Graduate School Hurt
« Reply #10 on: April 01, 2004, 03:21:14 PM »
Juan... if your first UG Gpa is a 2.4, even if you completed a second bachelors with a 3.75, and you have taken the LSAT twice, and scored 131 and 141, I daresay that it is unlikely that you will get into many law schools regardless of what you do in graduate school.  Why? 

Well lsac figures your ENTIRE Udergraduate gpa with every piece of work you have ever done.  I am assuming that you finished your second bachelors with 30 units of work or so?  If so, your 120 units at 2.4 and 30 units at 3.75 will average out to about 2.7 tops.

Not quite.  The LSDAS academic summary includes grades from only the first undergraduate degree.  Additional undergraduate degree grades would not be included in that summary (and therefore the LSDAS GPA) at all.


the most recent poster is correct. the grades towards the 2nd bachelor's won't count towards LSDAS GPA.

Juan, have you considered giving up on law school? It doesn't look like a very realistic option. With a 131/141 LSAT score (averages to 136) and a 2.4 LSDAS GPA, you're probably not getting in anywhere.

Re: Can Graduate School Hurt
« Reply #11 on: April 12, 2004, 04:44:43 PM »
It is easier to get better grades in Grad School than Undergrad, so if you have anything less than a Grad GPA of 4.0 you are conveying that you still can not excel academicly the way they want you to (it is irrelevant if you work full-time during Grad. School, have kids, or other responsibilities, etc. as showing you can excel is expected to be your main priority in their eyes).
I have a Graduate GPA of 3.48, although I work full time simultaneously, the Grad. Record hurts my application even further than my original Undergrad GPA of 2.8 from Michigan Engineering. Your undergrad institution and program are practically irrelevant to the Index Number and statistics that will enhance the school's average and image for the rankings while also deciding your fate.