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« on: December 12, 2007, 02:34:10 PM »
I'm just starting my law school search (have a lot to catch up on  :o) and wanted to see if there are opinions out there on Hamline Law School in MN. I know it's a T4 school - and was surprised to see it Ranked 3rd in the Nation (USNews) in Conflict Resolution!

Anyone know anything about their Conflict Resolution curriculum and the general perception of it? I ask because this is the direction that I'm interested. After school I would likely come back to the Northeast to practice. Thanks for the input!

Re: Hamline??
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I live in MN, and plan to go to the U of M, however, Hamline isnt on my list.  I would say this should be the case especially for you if you don't plan on working on the twin cities market.  Hamline just does not seem to place very well in the cities and I cannot imagine that anyone in the northeast would know about it.  Another thing is that William Mitchell and St. Thomas are comparable schools in the Twin Cities and are in much nicer areas...