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UF/Miami/Rutgers-NA/Seattle/Syracuse/Buffalo/Seton Hall... Info and Chances?

Hello.  This is my first time using the site but thought I should take advantage of it.

My CGPA is roughly 3.3 and my LSAT was 154 but I'm retaking in february.  I'm currently a senior at a canadian university.  I realize my gpa and lsat are low but I have work experience at law firms and a somewhat lengthy extra-curricular history in university.

The schools I'm applying for are:

Univeristy of Florida
University of Miami
Rutgers U - Newark
Seattle Univeristy
and Seton Hall Law

Anyone know my chances at these schools?

Also if anyone currently goes to one of these schools or knows about it, any information would be greatly helpful. 

Thank You!


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154 is too low for Florida, Miami and Rutgers, I don't know much about the others.  Feb is a bit late.  You'd probably need to score around 157+ to be confident with that list.  If you are counting on the retake score make sure you notify the schools and tell them to withold a decision until they get your score, otherwise they'll make their decision on the 154.

Another option is part time.  I believe Seton Hall offers it, and I know at U. of Denver you'd probably be good to go for their PT program.  Many people might not know a lot about PT, hopefully I can help.  Basically it involves taking one less class per semester in your 1L year.  In most cases, you'll be offered the chance to make up the classes over a summer term.  Usually, I believe, you can take them at night while doing your summer clerkship during the day.  Then you'll be automatically inserted into the FT program during your 2L year and graduate in 3 years with no problem.  The words "part time" never show up on your diploma and no firms will care or even ask if you were PT in law school.  Actually, PT has several big advantages.  You can work while in school thus giving you many opportunities to make connections and have a job lined up when you graduate.  Also, most schools allocate a proportionate amount of law review slots for part timers, so it's actually easier to make law review if you're PT.

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide.


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The ones I dont know about are Syracuse (you might be in the 40th percentile or so there) and Seattle.  All the rest are beyond your scores.

Consider Hofstra, NYLS and especially CUNY.  mad cheap, and pretty well respected for government/Public Interest jobs.


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Syracuse is looking pretty good for you, the rest would be a bit of a stretch with your current LSAT.  Which university did you go to?

i went to the university of toronto.  generally considered to be the best university in canada.


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U of T is a great school, I would consider that to be the best in Canada!  So you've got that going for you.  Take a look on LSN and see where your blue dot compares to all of the dots around it for those schools - that should give you a good place to start.  If you've got great soft factors, move your dot mentally up and to the right a bit.  If you don't, keep it where it is, or maybe move it a bit down and to the left.