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Debating going to Notre Dame

Debating going to Notre Dame
« on: December 04, 2007, 03:56:20 AM »

New to the board here.  So I'm debating about going to law school at Notre Dame.  I recently go accepted.  The problem is, I didn't get any scholarships with the acceptance.  Granted, I'm sure fafsa will pony up some of the money.  However, it's still going to be a chunk of change.

I guess my question is this: can anyone tell me if Notre Dame at full price is really worth it as compared to schools such as Chicago-Kent or Loyola in Chicago where I assume I would probably get a good amout of money (haven't actually applied to any other school than ND).  I do want to end up practicing in Chicago.  Basically, is the job prospective much higher coming out of ND than a lower ranked chicago school.

One other question, I plan on visiting ND this friday.  Do you think I should bring up the fact that I didn't get a scholarship with whoever I talk to and see if I can get something going there?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Debating going to Notre Dame
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I don't know much about ND in terms of job prospects, but you should definitely try to schedule a meeting with the financial aid office during the time that you are up there to see if you can talk your way into some money. Also, if you have any scholarship offers from comparable schools take them with you for leverage.
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Re: Debating going to Notre Dame
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It's barely December. Most schools send out scholarship info later.

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Re: Debating going to Notre Dame
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Notre Dame is an excellent school, especially if you're trying to stay in the Chicago area.  I wouldn't worry about placement too much.
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