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PT at first choice school vs. FT elsewhere

Re: PT at first choice school vs. FT elsewhere
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You don't plan on working?...Doesn't that render your argument about DC and its opportunities as being completely irrelevant if you don't plan on taking advantage of it?

What do you think interviewers are going to say when they see your part-time status and no work experience?

That's a risk you're willing to take? What if you do poorly, or just around median or worse? Honestly, I hope I'm admitted to GULC PT, but I will be working if I decide to attend. I have a lot of respect for those that decide to work throughout law school, as that sort of schedule certainly shows a lot of character and ambition. You also end up covering the cost of law school and end up without debt.

Someone who goes into the part-time program, but does not work, is going to look terrible if they don't have stellar first year grades. If I was interviewing someone like that, I'd look down upon it greatly.

I'm sure he's talking about the job opportunities in DC post graduation. And people do what he's doing all the time - PT program but don't work full-time. While it may be frustrating to you, and it may raise some eyebrows of potential employers, at the end of the day he's graduating with a law degree from GULC. So long as he doesn't fail miserably he'll be in good shape.

Re: PT at first choice school vs. FT elsewhere
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I agree. As far as D.C's opportunities, they are still beyond my reach. I live in NYC and i don't plan on starting my first year of law school and going out on a job hunt. Even moreseo, i would be able to apply for the f/t program as soon as my grades from the fall are in & if accepted, i would have to catch up on credits over the summer by either taking a class or interning. My 2nd year employers wont necessarily care enough to notice that i was p/t the first year since ill be f/t my 2nd.

People should all just relax.  I personally did not apply to p/t to try to "up one" on the other students. If i wouldve made it f/t, I wouldn't even consider p/t for a second. I am just greatful to have been accepted & know i have to work hard and make it to f/t.


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Re: PT at first choice school vs. FT elsewhere
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opinions on George Mason part time out of state ---> 2L instate?