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Im a junior currently and have a 3.1 gpa. I am planning on taking the LSAT in June. on the practice tests im taking now im getting about a 160-165 range consistently. What tier of law schools do you think i should be looking at with those numbers? and any tips i you could provide for everything would be helpful, since im just starting to look at law schools.


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Re: 3.1/?
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First of all:  is 3.1 your LSAC GPA or your undergrad GPA?  The main difference is that the LSAC GPA factors in courses that you've "retaken" (much to my dismay as I went from 3.51 to 3.37). 

Second of all:  use this.  Its your friend.  Its the LSAC admissions calculator and will give you a REASONABLE expectation about admissions chances. click on "LSAC Data Search" and plug your numbers in; rank according to "likelihood" not alphabetical.

Third of all:  Don't assume you'll get on the top or bottom of your range.  You are deceiving yourself if you think you will hit the "top" of your range (I should know- my top was 178).  And the "test day decrease" is a myth too.  Most people score somewhere in their range.  With a 160, your worst case, your "reaches" would be the lower-T1 schools (25-50) like Wisconsin and Wake Forest.  Your "reaches" would be T2 schools like Temple or University of Oregon.  And your Safeties would be T3/T4 schools. 

With a 165 your fortunes would change.  You can pretty much forget a T14 unless you are URM or have GREAT soft factors and a lot of luck.  Your reaches would be schools like Notre Dame, Fordham and Boston College (35-15).  Your reaches would be lower T1 schools like Wake Forest (50-35).  And your safeties would be T2 schools like Temple (50-100). 

Again look at the LSAC Data Search for more comprehensive info.

Re: 3.1/?
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3.1 is my undergrad gpa. I take it they look at your first grade for taking a class if you retake it for your gpa? How important is your major gpa?

Re: 3.1/?
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Yes they will look at both grades