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submit application without LOR receipt?

submit application without LOR receipt?
« on: November 01, 2007, 08:36:10 AM »
I decided last minute that I am applying early decision and early action to law schools and I have two older general LORs on my LSDAS file from when I previously applied to law schools.

However, I have two professors who are writing LORs for me--the new LORs are, in my opinion, likely to be a lot better and informative for law schools.  Due to a mixup at my school, a particularly busy professor, and the last minute nature of my request, I think one of the new LORs will reach LSAC sometime on November 12-13.  From what I've read here, LSAC takes about a week to process the incoming LORs, which means that LSAC would acknowledge the receipt of my new LOR sometime on November 20---the EA and ED deadlines are November 15 and November 10.

Could I still complete and electronically submit my applications to these schools through LSDAS before the EA/ED deadlines and direct the new general LORs to the two law schools?  How long are law schools willing to wait to receive LORs from LSAC, if they are not available immediately?

I would just like to know whether submitting my application before LSAC has processed my LORs is an absolute no-no (is it even possible?) or is it more of a "you-shouldn't-really-do-that-but-you-could-if-you-insisted" type of no-no?