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please add your insight...


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please add your insight...
« on: October 24, 2007, 06:24:14 PM »
I am Mexican born in CA, grew up in crime-ridden neighborhood but private-school educated, Psych major from top public UC (transferred), 3.1 GPA but only because of calc, chem and physics classes, otherwise i'd be in the 3.4-3.5 range.  Chicano Studies minor.  Extreme family hardship (family member with mental disability/death of two siblings), worked since I was 14, learned English as a second language, worked for a grant funded county mediation center for a year during junior college, volunteer mediator for 2 county programs serving at-risk youth, tutored high school kids at continuation high schools.  my avg. score for LSAT is 163, with the high score being a 166 and the low being a 160.  oh yeah, I also have a DUI.  If it weren't for this last fact, I wouldn't be worried about getting into a Tier 1, but I think it's severely going to hurt my chances.  anyone have any thoughts?  I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on app. fees, but since I think my chances are slim, I'm probably going to end up applying to 25 tier one schools alone, in the hopes that one will take me.  should i just aim for tier 2??  if anyone has any thoughts, please comment.  sorry for long, stream-of-consciousness post, haha.     :-\