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i would appreciate if someone sends me a sample of PS?

i would appreciate if someone sends me a sample of PS?
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i would appreciate if someone sends me a sample of PS?


Re: i would appreciate if someone sends me a sample of PS?
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Hey there. Hope this helps. Please send me your sincere opinion on it. This is my last draft. I hope to send it out next week. Good luck.

Personal Statement

I grew up in Romania during the oppressive communist regime. Poor wages caused my father to earn less than we needed for adequate care, and, as a result, we went to bed hungry many times. Nevertheless, from my grandfather, who gave his life for justice, and my parents, who confronted life with optimism and strength, I learned to never give up. After the fall of communism, my parents started a small business selling house-cleaning products, which helped us prosper. Many Romanians, however, continued to live in misery, having their basic needs unfulfilled. My desire to become a lawyer is rooted in my heart-felt connection with those Romanians and others who suffer around the world. As a lawyer, I hope to make a difference for these people, by fighting the epidemic of corruption that plagues civil affairs and by fostering support for upstanding governments and public virtue. After earning my J.D., I want to pursue an L.L.M. in International Law. Eventually, I want to work with international public service organizations, and support fair wages, sufficient health care, and quality education around the world.

I came to the United States as an exchange student when I was sixteen. Minnesota became my home as I embraced change and the unknown. While in high school, facing tough language barriers, I remained confident in my capabilities to succeed and never gave up on my dream. Studying in highly competitive schools, strengthen my learning skills and quick thinking abilities, as I had to always compete against some of the best students. My perseverance and hard work paid off when I received acceptance from Augsburg College with a substantial scholarship. Studying in the United States provided me with a solid feeling of empowerment and direction, and enhanced my desire to work in the international legal field. Moreover, by exposing me to a unique melting pot of cultures, it gave me a broader perspective on life, allowing me to open up my mind and to see beyond my own experience.

While in college, I learned more about global economics, politics, and cultures by studying abroad in Germany through the European Union program. As part of the curriculum, I met and exchanged views with renowned political figures. During some of our meetings, we discussed methods to create sustainable conditions for peace in countries torn by conflict, and ways to ensure protection for refugees. These discussions aroused my interest in identifying the root cause of those conflicts and in solving them through non-military elements. As part of the study abroad Seminar, I represented the foreign minister of Slovakia, in the Model European Union simulation. While deliberating on current issues before the simulated European Council, I put my newfound knowledge into practice and enjoyed the power of decision. Studying in Germany enhanced my cross-cultural competencies, improved my German language skills, and sharpened my problem solving aptitudes, as I had to find solutions for new and challenging situations. Moreover, it made me more globally conscious, and it helped me develop relationships with people at the European Union institutions.

My experience in Europe strengthened my desire to work internationally. My practice at the MacDonald Law Firm reinforced my goal to become a lawyer. I learned to draft legal documents, interview clients, and prepare cases for trial. I also represented the firm in a small claims case and won. I learned a lot about time management, and the importance of passion for one’s occupation, and I have incorporated these into my daily work. Attorneys at the firm were very impressed by my effort and asked me to return after graduating from law school. I find the work of an attorney to be challenging, stimulating, and gratifying. Most importantly, I believe lawyers are extremely well positioned to help lead the fight for global justice.

After college graduation, I returned to Romania and began working as vice-president of human resources for Casa Lebada, a private company of ninety employees. I applied what I learned in the United States about the importance of respecting individuals’ needs at and outside the workplace, to my job. Due to the low wages, one of the company’s main challenges was hiring skilled and effective workers. I created and implemented a compensation program that focuses on employees’ needs outside the workplace. This helped several of them to return to college and finish their degree. Moreover, the program increased employees’ job satisfaction and attracted higher skilled workers, increasing the company’s efficiency by forty-five percent. Dealing with people on a daily basis was challenging, yet fascinating and very rewarding. This success complemented my experiences in college and at the law firm and helped me develop a more coherent vision for myself.

All through my life, I learned that the people are the wealthiest treasure of a country. Hence, each of us has a very significant role in the development of this nation. Growing up, I realized/understood that my role is to make a noticeable difference in others’ life, by supporting human rights, and promoting equal opportunities for all. Since childhood, my parents taught me the importance of standing up for and helping those in need. Every Christmas, since the fall of the communism and until I left to the United States, my family and I collected hundreds of presents and ample food supplies for local orphanages, where malnourished children lived in abysmal conditions. The children's gratitude inspired me to continue serving the underprivileged with even greater compassion. In college, I found joy in volunteering for the Campus Kitchen, cooking and serving food to impoverished members of the Minneapolis community. I also organized several food and clothing drives on campus, and worked for the Feed My Starving Children campaigns. During the summer of 2004, I taught English and American culture to children in Romania. I was delighted that my students wanted to learn about other cultures, and expressed a desire to study abroad. Most importantly, I felt greatly rewarded being able to share my broad experience and knowledge, and to give back to the community.

Studying law in the United States will help me get out into the world, well prepared, and ready to fight for justice and equal protection for all. I believe that human quality should always be as important as academic value, and University of Oregon holds up my belief through its incessant/ceaseless dedication to service. I chose University of Oregon because of its renowned law school, reputable skilled faculty, and excellent facilities. The school's commitment to diversity and its joint JD/MA in International Studies are also essential to me, given my multicultural background and worldwide experiences. In addition, the university study abroad program in South Australia, and its wide availability of classes in my area of interest play a significant role in my choice of law school.

My traveling and studying in the European Union, my experiences in Romania both growing up and recently, and my record of accomplishment make me an excellent candidate for a program that combines a focus on international studies, a commitment to public service, and academic rigor. I look forward to contributing to the enrichment of the academic environment at the University of Oregon by sharing my multicultural experiences with the law school community. Moreover, as a law school student, I will add to your university’s proactive spirit and vocation for service, along with your reputation of academic excellence. Growing up in a restrictive communist country, I learned how to seize opportunities, and have never forgotten that lesson. The opportunity to study law at the University of Oregon is invaluable, and it will allow me to make a genuine global impact. I hope that the University of Oregon will become the foundation of my future tireless efforts of setting an example for justice worth remembering and following within our communities.