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161, 3.9--Help! Another one of those...

161, 3.9--Help! Another one of those...
« on: October 23, 2007, 08:31:20 PM »
Right now I only have one LOR and I've been out of school for a couple of years so I might have a hard time getting another (partially why I haven't done this sooner).  I would ask my manager at my last job except that he was a complete moron and I sincerely doubt he can write past an 8th grade level.  Is this going to hurt me?  I wish I had a better LSAT, but I don't think I'll be able to take it again.  I'm open to starting off part-time or even trying to transfer into a better program.  I'm thinking about teaching so I want the most competitive degree I can get.  But, I also don't want to end up in a situation where I will constantly feel like I'm the scum below the low rung on the totem pole.

I have a B.A. in Political Science/Anthropology from a large public research University with a pretty good reputation.  I don't have that much job history and not really a lot to write home about as far as extracurriculars go.  I worked at my last job for a bit, quit, and spent a few months driving around the country and camping.  I moved 3000 miles away and am now trying to get some work, but all I want to do is be in school and I'm cursing myself for not doing this sooner.  I've been learning quite a bit, but most of it is not really tangible or resume-blip worthy.  I like puzzles, poetry, writing, reading, etc.  I'm really good at and quite enjoy research, analysis, critical thinking, and analysis.   I tend to be independent and a bit reserved.  I'm really ambitious, but I tend to lack the requisite confidence.  I'm working on these things.

I'd prefer a school in Chicago, NY, or D.C. as I think that's where the programs of study that I'm looking for will be concentrated, but any other suggestions are more than welcome.  I need to be in a city, but I've mostly lived in medium-sized cities and find them a lot more accessible and affordable.  I'm also interested in Canadian Law schools.  Particularly, the ease of obtaining loans if one does get into a school in Canada...

I am interested in International Law, and to some extent Intellectual Property Law, and I'd love to do a joint program and get a M.A. in international political economy or just general international relations. 

What I'm looking for:
1. School suggestions--definites, maybes, and reach school
2. What I can do, and I know there's quite a bit, to improve my apps
3. Any advice you might have for me that you think might be helpful

If I don't apply for this cycle I might go mad, so please help me.  I loathe navigating all the bureaucratic nonsense of applications and taking part in the ritualistic horn-tooting, but it must be done!  I think my problem is that I tend to be "too" honest and self-effacing, which is all well and good, but not when you need to make a favorable impression of admissions officers or hiring agents.   

Thank you, really.

Re: 161, 3.9--Help! Another one of those...
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Re: 161, 3.9--Help! Another one of those...
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You're probably not going to get into a school that is going to get you a job doing international law.

If you go to DC, you will have a hard time getting a job.

You need to decide in what market you'd like to practice.

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Re: 161, 3.9--Help! Another one of those...
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Chicago - target schools are Loyola, Depaul, and Kent. I really don't see a shot at Northwestern or U Chicago unless you retake the LSAT. If you are seriously interested in academia, U Chicago is by far the best choice for Chicago schools, but it is not likely unless you can significantly (at least 10 points) improve your LSAT. 

New York - target schools are Brooklyn PT and Cardozo PT, with a good shot at the FT programs, too. Fordam PT would be a bit reach-y but could happen. All would give you a decent opprtunity to transfer to FT.

DC - target school is American and George Washington PT is more reach-y. Georgetown PT would be an uber giant reach.

If you are at all interested in academia you need to go to the best possible school you can get into and think about transferring to HYSCCN as academia is almost completely dominated by those schools.

However, don't ever go to a school "planning to transfer." As much as you think you can finish in top 10% and transfer up, so do a handful of other people in your class, so go to a school you know you'd be happy at if you had to be there for 3 years.

Regarding the LORs: Get at least one from a past professor and at least one from a former employer. Period.

Everything else about your application: seriously sell yourself. As much as you might hate doing it, you have to because the other thousands of people applying to the same schools as you are making themselves out to be incredible human beings. Highlight your strengths and tell the adcomms why they'd be lucky to have you

Good luck.