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How much does the PS really matter?

How much does the PS really matter?
« on: October 20, 2007, 02:04:45 PM »
I am somewhat new to all this and I just received my LSAT score of 162, which is significantly lower than I expected.  I was scoring around 167-169 very consistently, which I desperately needed as my GPA is a mere 3.3.  But, retaking is another issue as I am working full time at a relatively demanding job. 

Anyway, my question is about the importance of the PS.  Because of time constraints, I just assume go to a lesser school than retake the LSAT.   But my score is so low I am beginning to question the possibility of getting into Brooklyn, Temple, or Northeastern, my target choices.

I am confident that my PS will be excellent.  I also have many soft factors.   But it seems as though because of the LSAT/GPA importance and my lacking in those areas, my PS will merely be skimmed through and my application tossed aside. 

Will my PS actually help me?

How will I fare at better schools such as Fordham assuming I have a really unique and interesting PS?