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Suggestions and current schools

Suggestions and current schools
« on: October 19, 2007, 08:15:08 PM »
Alright...Just got my Sept. LSAT back, and I need some advice on law schools.

Sept LSAT: 160, previous LSAT 163.  GPA 3.85. 
Soft factors: Completion of undergraduate Honors project, Vice-President of the Student Body (Most likely going to be President, I'll know after the election), founder of a debate club on campus, Alpha Chi National Honor Society Member, Eagle Scout and first in family to attend undergrad.

Goals: I would like to go to a law school where I will have minimal debt but also have fair prospects coming out.  Ideally, I would like to start in a mid- to small-sized firm (No more than 20 attorneys) in WV, VA, TN, KY, or NC.  I would definitely prefer working in Western Virginia (Not WV - the western area of VA).  After several years of practice, I plan on doing one of four things: aim for a judgeship, run for election to the house of whatever state I'm in, try to find a teaching position or possibly start my own firm. 

Current schools:
University of TN
WVU - WVU has great placement in WV - but I'm not certain that I want to work in WV.  That being said, I can probably get a full ride either there or Mercer. 

Any thoughts on these three schools?  Any other law schools that I should consider that would meet my goals and give me some decent scholarships?

Forgot to add: Residency is in WV.