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New Research Sources on Top Law Schools

New Research Sources on Top Law Schools
« on: March 15, 2004, 01:27:17 PM »

Just as an FYI for those who like me are researching law schools for the application period next year, here are a couple of new sources that are coming out over the summer.

The Guide to the Top Law Schools 2005 by Richard Montauk is coming out in July (the old one was copyrighted in 2001. It can be preordered on for $20 from the list price of $25 ($18 for B&N Club members). TO find, find the current Montauk book and then click on his name and the preoder book will come.

USNews also is releasing a paperback book for Guide to the Top Law Schools which I assume will be a more detailed look at their rankings and the law school. This can be preordered on B&N as well. This is set to be released in May.

The new USNews rankings are being released April 1st in the Guid to the Top Grad Schools publications and you can order the online version ($14.95) or the online version on print edition for ($19.95) I recommend getting the online version as it has everything the print has and a whole lot more as many of you probably already know.

Happy researching! ;D