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I keep telling myself I'm leaving this library... just one more refresh... no, one more...

I really don't want to be checking my Gmail on my phone at the tailgate tomorrow.

Worst-case scenario for me, too.

Come, now, wouldn't attending class at least make the waiting game go by faster? Or would you all be a public nuisance in your hyperventilating states?  ;)
Yeah - there is NO WAY I would be checking my email or hanging out on these forums right now if not for the fact that I'm stuck at work.  Skipping class to hit F5 for 10 hours just seems like masochism to me.  Once I'm off work in 90 minutes it's a combination of mindless activities (videogames, movies, and drinking) with maybe checking email once every 6 hours.

what's wrong with you?? you need a life.

Mainly, I just need a new job and an LSAT score . . .


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I'm playing Scrabble on FB but people aren't making their moves.

That's my time waster.
lol same here.  you need to have like 30+ active games going, that way you'll usually have a move to play at any point in time.


You will fail.

I'm at work today which is probably better. I don't want to drive myself crazy by sitting around with nothing to do.  However, my boss (an attorney) did give me a shot of gin because I was freaking out when I saw that my box was filled....He's a good boss :)

I'm at work and I am working, but I am totally distracted.  I am a teacher and I am done teaching for the day but still have to be here until 4pm, so I am grading 5th grade history and 6th grade geography tests.  I keep checking online in between each test though!

i can't believe i'm actually redecorating my cubicle to pass the time.

also, missyj, boy do i wish i had YOUR boss instead of mine who pops her head in every five minutes with "whadja get do you know let me know when you know i can't wait!"

I'm a paralegal in Memphis, TN. I should be FIRED for the little amount of work I've done all day.  The F5 button is like an addiction right now.  Thank god there are no trials today cuz my ass can barely handle this suspense right now