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Woohoo 168
« on: September 25, 2004, 02:42:12 PM »
I'm usually not one to gloat, but I took my final full Preptest (with additional simulated experimental section and writing sample) before Preptest44 this morning and scored a 168, which is my highest score so far.  I am definitely psyched to take the test next week.  I feel like I'm peaking at just the right moment.  I have acquired a wicked cough (which I largely attribute to LSAT stress weakening my immune system) and there was construction going on at the library where I took the test, but despite these handicaps, I felt totally focused.  I'm going to jot down what I did over the last few days -- if for no other reason than I will be able to look back to this post next week and follow the same schedule.  Excuse me for using this forum as my own personal journal...

Wednesday, I felt totally exhausted by classes, work, illness, and LSAT prepping; I scored abysmally on an LR section and just felt totally debilitated.  Thursday morning, I cleaned up the apartment a little and avoided thinking about the LSAT.  Thursday afternoon, I did 1.5 hours of Yoga/Meditation/Breathingexercise, despite being sick and sleep-deprived at the time.  I felt totally reinvigorated after the Yoga, and so I did an individual LR section, returning to my normal 3-4 wrong per section.  I went over sections which I felt too lazy/tired to review, including the one I did abysmally on.  I would like to say that I got a good night's sleep, but my cough interrupted me (I'm really not a sickly person, I swear).  On Friday, I had a lot of little errands to run, and I didn't even think about the LSAT until early evening on Friday.  I had been studying heavily on Friday nights before my Saturday morning Preptests, and I had planned on doing so this Friday, but I did a games section, but I felt sluggish.  Knowing that if I can't put my 100% into it, its probably not worth doing, I gave up, watched the Red Sox game, did some ironing, cleaned up the remainder of the apartment.  I went to sleep early, but did not get a good night's sleep because of the cough, although I was able to wake up early.  I took some Ginkgo Biloba before I went to bed, took two more pills in the morning, along with some caffeine (actually, an ECA stack, F U FDA).  In the morning, I vowed to do everything as well as I possibly could.  I brushed my teeth carefully and meticulously.  I made my bed like they would at a fancy hotel.  I ate the best breakfast I possibly could.  I tried to slow down and not feel rushed, to put my best into every little detail.  I did one game timed followed by one RC passage timed at my apartment.  I then read a little out of the Law School Confidential book, the part about how the LSAT is beatable.  I listened to some music and then headed off to the library.  I felt like everything was in slow motion, without my mind wandering.

Still, I know I can do better.  I missed too many questions toward the end of the test (which I attribute to the caffeine wearing off).  But I think the lesson I learned from this is do not kill yourself before you take the test, take the test at your best.  That, and take drugs before testing.
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