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U. of Colo. verses U. of Denver

Re: U. of Colo. verses U. of Denver
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I'm glad to hear that you are still thinking CU regardless.  If they ever let me in I would definitely have to visit to allay my concerns, but I would love to live in CO.  I just went skiing in Steamboat a few weeks ago, my first time in CO, and it is amazing.  Best of luck!

Re: U. of Colo. verses U. of Denver
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Marista99 & Pub. Interest gal ~

that was a typo... im driving 27 hours :)  i'm coming from New Jersey.... and i was able to manipulate one of my friends into thinking that this is going to be an awesome road trip and she's agreed to come along :-D   While flying out there... all we passed was dead field after dead field after dead field.  So its sure to be a very scenic and excited drive  :-\  But living in Denver and going to DU is worth it.  Im most definetly going.... the deposit is in the mail as of this morning....   ill suggest the apartment bldg im moving into, and maybe we can have an emergency back up drive to school if something happens to one of our cars, if not at least have someone in the same complex who understands what you're going through.

Re: U. of Colo. verses U. of Denver
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bush, not Bush - I both visited the school, talked to students there, talked to employees there (admissions, deans, etc), talked to several people I knew that went to DU (other schools than the law school though), talked to several lawyers in the field in Denver.  The school does suck.  It was built in the 50's, shows it, and is definately not ready for the technology age.  However, the students were extremely nice and appeared to be very down to earth.  The employees I talked to there were very nice and very knowledgable.  Overall, it seemed the school to go to.

melissa2781 - The only areas you have to be worried about is the Miss. River until you hit about Denver :)  Actually it shouldn't be that bad.  Kansas - extremely boring.  However, if you have never driven through it it can be really pretty for a while (but very flat).  The other thing is (depending on what type of things you are into) is getting information about what you can see on the drive.  There are a lot of history destinations if that thing interests you (such as some stops for the Oregan trail, civil war, Indian sites).  The other thing you might want to do (depending on whether you are driving as quick as you can or taking it slow) is stop here and there in the little towns - some of them have things going on such as rodeos, town fairs, etc.  Especially in small towns, town fairs are a strange thing.  Everyone is there and you see a very, very different side of life (even growing up in a "hick" town as small as Denver, some of the stuff that the small towns in the plains do is strange...)