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International JD applicant?

International JD applicant?
« on: October 09, 2007, 11:25:03 PM »
New poster here - great board!

Does anyone have any experience or information on the benefits of applying as an international student? I am not sure whether my circumstances will give me the benefit of "diversity" and therefore make my application more attractive to adcoms.

I am a US citizen as well as a Swedish citizen (living in Sweden now). I was raised in the US and went to undergrad there (UGPA is AWFUL, but shows definite upward trend - Dean's list 3 of last 4 semesters), worked in banking, moved to Sweden, now fluent in Swedish. Did a Master's Degree here (with Distinction) and now work in equity and macroeconomic research for the top investment bank in the Nordics. LSAT looks to be high 160s/low 170s. Iím 29 and 5 years out of undergrad.

What do you think? Non-traditional? International application to diversify admissions stats?