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Recommendation from sister?

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I know that recommendations from family members are frowned upon. My sister went to Fordham University undergraduate, and is currently an attorney. Fordham University is my dream law school, and it would be great in my opinion for her to send a targeted letter of recommendation to this school. I wouldn't use her as a recommendation for any other law school.

I've argued with her about anything and everything, and she knows me best.

It isn't like a recommendation from a mother or father, and of course we all must seek out recommendations from people that know us best. I'm sure she won't just blow smoke up my ass - she isn't that type of person.

Let me know what you folks think - try not to roast me though, just an idea - probably a bad one.

I am Penny Lane:
I think it will be looked upon poorly.

Did she go to Fordham Law?  No? Then, bad idea.

Yuck Fale:
Yeah, have your mom and dad write one, too.

. . . . . .:
Have your grandma write one about how clean your poo smelled when she changed your diapers.


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