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Matt_24_24, you seem like the most level headed person here, please help me!

Hi, I have been getting anywhere from a 153-155 on practice tests.  I need to get around a 158 to make sure I get into the school I want to go to.  On average I get 17 correct on the Reading, 18 and 18 correct on LR, and 9-11 correct on the games.  I do not know how to do them. I am skeptical about buying the Bibles from powescore.  Are they really that good?  I am thinking about taking the Kaplan course starting in October.  Can Kaplan help me get a 158?  The powerscore weekend course seems absolutely crazy.  16 hours of class time one week before the tests.  Come on now, how can that help anyone?  Please give mesome direction.



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First, concentrate on the games; I know a lot of people are big fans of the courses and that everyone's different, but if you buy a $25 Princeton Review book and just do some basic games stuff, you should be able to get at least 20 right. That's a pretty significant increase right there. Pick off the low hanging fruit right away, and then concentrate on the harder stuff. The key with LG is just making deductions right off the bat, for the most part everything falls into place after that.
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When are you writing your LSAT?  What supplementals do you have now? 

A Princeton Review book won't push you to 20 games automatically.  Rizz, that is just bad advice.  Some people struggle with games more than others...I still sometimes don't get 20 right; in fact, sometimes i still score 17-18...and that is with 2 months of practice.

If you need just a 158, you don't need a course.  The LRB, the LGB, and lots of practice tests will get you there.  Then you need to work on the questions you get wrong, and work on old games, slowly improving your time while still maintaining accuracy.

the LGB is good simply because it will teach you the notation you need and how to diagram certain statements.  And how to pick out the easier games.

LRB should give you methods that will increase your LR score by 2 points (i would imagine) at a minimum.  Verbal comprehension is hard to say...depends what is burning you (time or question difficulty).

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this thread title deserves an LOL



It was posted on opposite day


It was posted on opposite day

There have been a lot of opposite days lately, I need to double check my schedule.


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I feel like it would have been a funny statement directed at anyone.  How many of us here come off as incredibly level-headed?


Note: If you were to view my posts from the "study the lsat section" might get that impression.

I generally do my dirty work in "General" and in other forums.



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I'm not sure that we can call Matt "level-headed"...

After all, he wants to live in Edmonton for 3 yrs while going to Law School!  What is level-headed about that?  Someone, please tell me.

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