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LSAT tutor section?

LSAT tutor section?
« on: September 26, 2007, 07:23:34 AM »
Would it be possible to develop an area that could help people studying for the LSAT find tutors in their area?  Maybe even allow them to rate the quality of their tutor? 

I just finished an LSAT prep course and realized, after my money was gone, how much better it would of been spent on tutoring.  Don't get me wrong the course helped but I wasted a lot of time that should of been spent working on my weaknesses instead of the weaknesses of others.

Maybe tutors and/or LSAT students would be willing to pay a small fee for every referral they recieved from the sight if it is an issue of money? 

The area could help people find tutors in their region and maybe even tell the future LSAT takers about each tutors (self described) strengths?  Maybe people that could be confirmed to have been connected to their tutor via the site could rate the tutor on their strengths and weaknesses?

I could see this helping a lot of people and drawing a lot of traffic for the site. 

Anyone else have any opinions on this?