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Am I Dreaming?

Am I Dreaming?
« on: September 26, 2007, 03:59:31 AM »
Hi All.

I've been bit by the law bug. I was orignally going to go to school to be a law librarian. However, while working on my undergrad I'm slowly falling in love with law itself. So, not I have a few questions.

I have miserable grades from when I was younger. (I'm 32 now.) I wasn't ready to go to school. Instead I wound up going to a tech school and doing really well and working as a website designer for the past 6 or so years. I loathe building websites.

I'm getting my undergrad online at UMass. Grades are good and things are going well. Will an online degree hurt my chances if my GPA is high? Note:  The diploma doesn't say UMass online. It's the same diploma and transcripts that everyone else gets.

Will law schools take into consideration that my grades came up after the oh...12 year break in school?

Finally, I have a criminal record. A couple of drug offenses. Never served time or anything. Just got probation. The charges are from almost 10 years ago. I looked it up and am able to be acceppted to the Florida Bar. Will this have any effect on rather I get into law school?

Sorry for the novel, but I'm really curious about all of this.

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I don't see anything that would necessarly prevent you from getting into law school. I had enough dog grades from 17 years ago to bring my 3.98 (from the past 4 years of school) down to a 2.92 (LSAC Cum GPA). It apparently didn't stop either school I applied to from accepting me. As for the drug convictions, the biggest issue is full disclosure. Just make sure you have all the info about conviction dates, certificates of disposition, etc... the actual violations aren't anything that law schools haven't seen before.

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As the other poster said, you are hardly alone with the convictions, and they are far enough in the past that as long, as you disclose and are cool with the bar, they probably won't be a huge deal (from what I've heard).

I'm feeling you on the GPA.  I was ill for a couple of semesters in UG a million years ago, and did not withdraw from the courses I dropped bc they did not appear as Fs on my transcripts and the grad schools I was applying to did not care.  Drops my 3.85 down to a low B and really limits my options.

Best advice is to nail the LSAT.  A few points can make a huge difference.

Good luck!


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Thanks to both of you for the information!

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You're welcome!  You could probably tell my toddler was "helping me" type up there.  All non-trads have "complications."  At least yours aren't waking you up at 5:30 every morning;-)