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To those thinking of postponing

To those thinking of postponing
« on: September 25, 2007, 11:20:26 PM »
I've been seriously considering postponing this past week (after my scores decided to go batsh*t crazy on me), and came as close as having the phone to my ear and the number in front of me.  But I realized a few things:

- There's no prepwork that can come close to taking the real thing.

You can take as much preptests as you want, take as much proctored simulations, but there's nothing like actually being there to know how you'll do.  This is far from advocating as taking it as a practice run but rather just knowing the reality that, as seriously as you take the test when you're holed up in your room or in Kaplan/Testmasters with the rest of your class, it's always going to be different from how you'd be on the actual day.  Maybe you'll score less than your practice scores.  Maybe you'll score more (adrenalin rush, etc).  It happens.  But the fact is, you won't know until you take it.

- If you take the test, you'll know what you need to work on.

Maybe you'll bomb the LG, or miss all the Flaw questions on LR.  Or maybe you'll realize that, as much as you try to skip those timewasters during prep, they really bog you down the actual thing.  This goes in addition to what I said above -- you really can't know your full testing weaknesses til you take the actual test, knowing that it's the real thing, and seeing how you perform.

Of course this is all just in my opinion, and maybe this is just taking out loud to make myself feel confident about not postponing (actually that's what it probably primarily is, haha).  But I think there's something to be said about taking the actual test -- even if you postpone til December, (presuming you've put the study time in) you'll be at this same spot 3 days before the test, not knowing how you'll do or whether you've had enough study.  At least if you take it now you'll know what you need to work on and hammer on that, while maintaing your other areas, til December.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself hehe


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Re: To those thinking of postponing
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2007, 08:38:59 AM »
hey, that's the exact same rationalization I'm using in considering taking it Sat b/c you're right, there is no substitute for the real thing. If I do bomb on any section(s) or exp brain farts, I'll cancel, regroup and re-take in Dec.

I would've postponed if the cancelled score came with dire consequences, but, in my appealing to popular opinion (ha!) - it's supposedly not detrimental. So worse case, I'll know what the heck needs to be fine tuned or worked on and have a go once more.

Any objections, anyone? I'd like to know cuz I'd just postpone.

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Re: To those thinking of postponing
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2007, 01:03:56 PM »
My scores are also bull crazy, but I have not given any serious consideration to canceling. Here's why:

1. Most of the schools I am interested in only care about highest, not average score.
2. The last time I felt this unsure about a test was in my formal logic final last summer. I got an A+ on the exam.
3. I'm Canadian... schools up here seem to value the LSAT less.
4. I have a good GPA... I don't need more than a mid-high 150. Even at my absolute worst, that much is assured.
5. I've spent a lot of time prepping for this and I don't want to do it again if I don't have to. I've got a lot of other things going on that deserve more time than I've been giving them recently. If I put off this test, I am making a further time commitment which might not even be necessary. I won't know if I don't write.