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5 days left, 4 unused preptests -- timed simulation, or question by question?

So, 5 days left.

I have about 4-5 new tests in my disposal.  Do you guys think it's better if I do a timed simulation (with a mock proctor (my grandma, heh)) or if I should just go through the questions one by one?

LG has been a breeze for me since 2004 ptests onwards, but LR and RC have been female dogs >:(.

What do you guys think?

Definitely timed simulation.  Break one up to use for mock experimental sections.

Thanks...took a break yesterday, so I guess I'll be doing a few more timed simulations til friday (my test is on Sunday).

Also using Jeffort's LR tool to sharpen up my Parallel skillz (cough).  Need to get through those faster...